Witch Hearts

Memento Amoris

Sisters dear, sing your enchantments.
Gather moss, shells, and hair,
Cradle flesh, bone and blood,
And conjure crystals, ash and pearls.
The spells you cast has come back threefold,
And love awaits on St. Valentine’s.
From beyond the veil, a message beckons,
For you alone, my wicked beloved.
Lift your arms and call the spirits,
And receive your card from the wilds…

A message of love, a memento amoris, awaits you from the shadowlands.

You may invoke your momento amoris from the ether. These charmed messages of affection, unique to your WITCH and to WITCHES of Crypto Coven, enter the world as a pair. Like twin flames, each memento amoris is equally special and complimentary.

Divined to be unique to each WITCH of the wilds, these momento amoris are for your eyes only…

Nft Details

Your gift is a pair of Ethereum ERC721 NFTs divined from your WITCH

Each account holding witches may invoke one gratis memento amori. Further incantations will require a value of 0.04666 ETH to be revealed.

There are only precisely two enchanted cards available per WITCH owned. Minting may be closed at a given time by community vote of NFT holders.

Minting information

The primary mint has concluded.

You can purchase on secondary at ZORA or opensea